The Services

AGSIVO OY helps all types of producers, importers, online and retailers to get quality products made from northern wood from Finland, as well as related, appropriate logistical solutions. We help Finnish wood processors to develop and market their products, e.g. To France, Germany, England and Sweden as well as North Africa and Far East countries.

We have also invested in the logistics of smaller batches. Even 10 years ago, it was not believed that in the future cottages, moldings and planing goods would be sold door-to-door in small batches all over Europe.

With the strengthening of online stores, it is today’s everyday life and the future.

We talk about wood

We know how to speak about Finnish wood with professionalism and we understand further processing. The basic languages English, Swedish and German can be managed in-house, and if other languages are needed, our cooperation network will help you. When you choose the reliable and precise AGSIVO OY as your partner, we will support you in all logistical stages of the products. All of our Finnish partners have been familiar to us for decades, and we know the owners of each family business and most of the employees for two or even three generations. It creates familiarity and trust in all the products we represent. We also inform our customers about the changes taking place in the companies and keep them constantly up to date.