Our world-famous series of articles is LUOMAN yard buildings. Hundreds of thousands of LUOMAN yard buildings have been sold all over the world. Get to know LUOMAN products at

High-quality and always up-to-date yard buildings are easy and quick to erect and inexpensive to acquire. That’s why many of our customers have chosen it as the only yard construction product. The collection covers everything from playhouses to storage buildings and garages.

The CENT brand covers all interior moldings and panels, either wood-finished or surface-treated.

Bureau Veritas Certification Finland has granted CENT-Listat Oy a PEFC certificate for the chain of origin of wood. The requirements regarding the transport of timber guarantee that the portion of the wood raw material used in the product, as told to the customer, actually comes from certified forests. The certification company has checked that the applicant’s activities meet the requirements set by the certification.

Junnikkala is a 60-year-old Finnish family business, for which it is very important to take care of the principles of sustainable development. Junnikkala’s two sawmills, which are among the most modern in the world, produce first-class wood products from high-quality raw materials for all over the world. From Junnikkala you can e.g. exterior cladding products, lumber and terrace products.