the heart of the tree is the heart of the man

The Company

AGSIVO OY is a Finnish specialist specializing in international timber trade. The company is located in the heart of healthy forests in Ähtäri, in the middle of the most beautiful Finland. AGSIVO’s headquarters became internationally known at the beginning of 2018, when Ähtäri Zoo received two pandas from China.

AGSIVO OY is known in Central Europe as a reliable operator and supplier. Its logistics chain is fast and flexible. When a customer does business with AGSIVO and resells the product to their own customer, the product goes directly from the manufacturer to the end user quickly and reliably. The company also professionally ensures that our own customer receives the goods and the supplier receives payment for sure. Over the decades, we have learned the rules of international trade and the countries’ own culture.

The world has a general perception of Finns that we don’t talk much, but we always do what we promise and what we agree on. AGSIVO is a model example of that concept. You can always trust the promises and agreements it makes.

the heart of the tree is the heart of the man

The founder and owner of AGSIVO OY, Risto Sivonen, is a Woodman to the core. He calls himself a treehead, because a tree is the best that nature grows. A Finnish tree that has slowly grown strong and beautiful is noble wood at its best: with dense branches and few branches.